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Les Foces del Raigusu (The Raigusu Gorges)

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Duración: 4 h

  • Lugar de Comienzo: Laviana
  • Punto de Inicio: L'Acebal
  • Categoría: PR- Short route
  • Itinerario: L'Acebal - Les Mestres - Foz de Covellayo - La Uxona - Campa Los Collaos - Covellayo - L'Acebal
  • Distancia: 9 km.

The Raigusu River has its source in the Infiernos stream and receives water from the Braña stream coming from Los Collaos to the right and the “regueru’l Tozu l’Osu”, L’Acebalín River (Forno River and Caudrazu stream), I Gallu and Tornos River to the left.

It joins the Mosquil River (Cañaines and Daón) at Mestres to form the Ribota River. You will find many gorges both in the main river and its tributaries.

The name Foces del Raigusu is normally applied as a generic term to all of the gorges that are to be found in this incomparable countryside near to Peña Mea.

In reality only the Foz de Covellayo gorge is on the Raigusu River, the rest of them are on its tributaries and the Cañaínes River. Without doubt the most spectacular is the very deep and narrow gorge that this river has made from Requexá and El Mosquil (near to the town of La Fomermeya) with its horsetail shaped cascade: the Pingón of Requezá.

One of the most direct entrances is from the village of L’Acebal, which is set on a gentle slope on the right hand side of the Raigusu or Ribota River, and 5 km from Pola de Laviana. The local LV-5 road that comes off the AS-17 in El Puente d’Arcu accesses it.

This itinerary starts on a road that crosses the town and takes you up to the Tiraña Bridge, named after the country house set on a flat area by the riverbank of the Raigusu River at 380 m. Here it meets the path used for the short walk that comes from Ribota. Follow this gentle tree lined path that runs parallel with the Ribota River towards Fomermeya.

The path forks at Les Mestres and you take the left-hand fork that takes you to the town of Fomermeya, where you can behold the gorge named after it. Taking the right-hand fork you will pass through some beautiful wooded spots beside the river, and soon enter into the gorge at Foz de Covellayo.

The path continues to the stables and estates of Igesa, then to a place called La Uxona where the paths cross and we carry on past the right-hand one that comes from Los Tornos.

Following the river side you pass the country houses of Covellayo and onwards to a place called Bayu, where the track starts to ascend and continues past other country houses; El Cabañon, La Braña, La Xella and Corgallones.

After a prolonged ascent with some stupendous panoramas of our route you arrive at Campa los Collaos, where there are some broad panoramas of the whole Raigusu valley, Peña Mea, Peña Negra, the Cañaines River valley and the range that separates Laviana from Sobrescobio with three limestone peaks that crown this incomparable scenery: El Corvellusu, El Cogollo and El Guanalón.

The descent is made with a slight, but no less beautiful variation to the route. Coming down the track a few metres until you see a beautiful open ground to your right. Walk onto it and then over to the right-hand side where you will have to look out for an old track that goes down to some abandoned stables that are of singular beauty. Half way down the slope you will pass the Covellayo house, from where you rejoin the original route and retrace your way back to L’Acebal.

El Raigosu. Laviana
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